Physique nutrition’s thermo gainer is a unique weight gain muscle building shake. Building muscle takes lots of lean protein, good fats and plenty of metabolic energy. Physique nutrition’s thermo gainer is designed to provide all these nutrients in adequate amounts so that athletes can easily build muscle and have the energy they need to create intense workouts.* Additionally, physique nutrition has added medium chain triglycerides (mct’s) into our weight gainer formula. Mct’s add a new component to building muscle by helping to speed up your metabolism with a unique fat that has a difficult time converting to fat and is converted to ketones right away for fast releasing energy. It is burned quickly each time you ingest it and encourages fat loss and a metabolic boost. The faster you metabolism can run without adding body fat in the process, the more muscle tissue you have the potential to add, as long as you can put in the high quality calories that will fuel your body, repair tissue, and keep your metabolism on fire and running fast. Thermo gainer helps to do this.* Thermo gainer is a great way to add high quality calories rich in complete proteins, good fats, and muscle volumizing carbohydrates. To get big, you have to have high quality


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